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Tree Reading With Linda (Link to website)

Interpretations done by drawing a tree has a long history in psychology,  and magician acts over the years. These drawings of trees in particular can show astonishing  information about a person’s life.

Many symbols  appear in the trees that people draw. These symbols often lead  directly to the information someone may be looking for, like new homes, new relationships, or new jobs. . Also, drawing more items with your tree tells us more about someones’ life history, simply by drawing a tree.

This is a very fun and exciting way to meet new people. There is nothing psychic about it, and it’s never used to diagnose someone’s life. That’s left up to the professionals to decide. Tree reading cannot tell the future – so don’t expect it to.

There is no right or wrong way to draw a tree. You don’t have to be an artist to do it either. Every tree has a story to tell, and that is unique to the person that draws the tree.  The trees are pretty neat when you think about it, and are often right about someone’s life. These trees are specific to the person drawing them – and most people will be in awe when you read their trees. Some will say “you know all that simply by me drawing you a tree?” Yes – it’s fun, exciting and the trees don’t lie. They tell a story – and that story is yours.

What a great ice breaker if you’re flying on a plane. You ask the person next to you to draw you a tree (inside a rectangle box) and just watch the expression on their faces when you tell them about their tree.

This is great for attending parties, and going places where you don’t know any of the people there. It’s a great way to break the ice, start conversations, and really get to know someone you’re interested in.

Book your Tree Reading session today. For only a small fee of $20.00, you can have your tree reading done. Need to know about someone else? Have them draw you a tree inside of a rectangle drawn on a piece of paper and bring it with you – it’s that easy. Group sessions for only $15.00 a person – what a great fun way to entertain yourself and friends. The person hosting the party gets their tree read for free, plus an additional reading of their choice.

Here’s to  Tree Reading…  make it fun.


Feel free to visit me at:  - set up your appointment today to have your own tree read.


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When is a Spade ever a Heart?

What kind of question is that you may ask? Well when you think about it – it has always been a heart. A spade turned upside down with the stem removed becomes a heart.


It’s much like life when you think about it. We will use Anger as the euphemism here. When people become angry, they firmly plant their feet on the ground and stand their place. This becomes the stem of the heart – and the anger turns into a bad feeling deep within. If not dealt with, it manifests into hatred, or it could exacerbate to physical violence.


The heart loses its identity when that happens. It becomes hardened and dark, with roots that keep it grounded in that dark place. Letting go of that darkness, anger, and hatred allows the light to come back in. The light is obtained through the understanding that we are not our feelings, but have feelings. It’s how we choose to react to those feelings, and what we feed those feelings with, that creates the darkness or light. If you don’t feed a fire, it eventually fizzles down to just a smoldering ash, much like anger as well. If you don’t feed into the anger, eventually it subsides and is forgotten about.


Sometimes people have a hard time letting go of that anger and even though the fire has died down, it has not been extinguished. Anything can cause the sparks to reignite into a burning fire once more. Taking back control of those smoldering ashes is what one needs to learn to do to prevent the fire from igniting again.


The way that is done is to learn to relax. Not just the body but also the mind. Learning to redirect those feelings into something more useful, more productive – something that will allow you to distract your thoughts away from yourself. If you aren’t thinking about yourself, and your difficulties, they become easier; eventually they aren’t important anymore. Just like the fire, if you don’t feed it, eventually the fire will go out.


Often people put too much emphasis on the small problems in their lives, and that causes them to grow into bigger problems. Just like the smoldering ash reignites into a burning fire.


Relaxation, taught through Hypnosis, allows those smoldering ashes to never reignite into a burning fire again. The relaxation allows you to control your emotions, and be in control of the fire, instead of the fire being in control over you. When you learn to manage anger, you no longer own it, but you respect it, and come to understand it. Anger never was a part of who you are, it’s just a learned behavior that eventually became a habit through repetition. Anger isn’t healthy – it steals your happiness away, it causes the heart to stay dark and heavy.


When you no longer focus on yourself and your difficulties, you learn to relax and live a better quality of life.


Fires burn fast, and if left out of control often leads to greater destruction. As the fire destroys, it leaves a black path behind it – taking all the living things with it. Much like anger, it too, if left out of control can lead to greater destruction, tearing apart relationships, marriages, friendships, and often resulting in burning  your bridges behind you, creating a loss of friends and loved ones.


When you let the anger go, it allows the light to come in once more, bringing with it feelings of peace, contentment, joy, and a greater feeling of satisfaction knowing that you are in control of your anger and the outcome of it. When you feel good – the stem that was once anchoring you to the ground, feeling weighted down with feelings of despair, disappear. The stem releases – the darkness goes away, the light comes in, and your spade has once again become the heart that it deserves to be.


So in essence, the spade has always been a heart, it just got lost along the way. Much like people tend to get lost. Once a person finds themselves again in a good place, the heart remains for good, because you have taken back the reign of control of how you think, feel, act, react, and respond.


Let go and Let Live simply means to let go of anything that is weighing you down in life, and allowing yourself to live the quality of life you know you deserve.


 Written by: Linda Plamondon Certified Consulting Hypnotist
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The Inner Child

The Inner Child doesn’t come out to play. The inner child lives deep inside and hides in hope that everything will be OK. Innocence often taken at a young age by words, actions, and punishments. The inner child moves on into adulthood not knowing it didn’t do anything wrong – feelings of guilt, and shame for things that happened as a child often surface as an adult – leading the adult into a life filled with Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Unworthiness and feelings of despair.


All of those feelings have manifested deeper with each passing year. Hiding ones feelings through other fixations in life that temporarily make you feel good; whether it be drugs, alcohol or food – they comfort the inner child. Psychologically it is not comforting, but to the inner child it feels satisfied knowing it has given itself what it “thinks” it deserves. None of the rewards being healthy ones, and often are self-sabotaging in many ways.


Feelings of guilt set the inner child up to fail as an adult. The only way to let go of guilt, shame, and the feeling of unworthiness is to go deep within and embrace that inner child, letting it know that what it grew up with does not belong to them, and it’s OK to let it go. Explaining that as an adult one has a much more mature way of seeing things, and it’s OK to let go. Those things were important then, but they are no longer needed now. You see the child truly doesn’t know it didn’t do anything wrong growing up in an adult world. The child is programmed from infancy on how to talk, act, dress, behave, and what to eat and what not to eat. It is conditioned to live the life that the person raising it predetermined is best for “them”, not the child. Until that inner child realizes it no longer needs to be programmed by them, but can take control of its own thought processes without guilt, shame, or feelings of unworthiness it will never change.


Growing up thinking “something is wrong with me, I just can’t pinpoint it” is  usually the first response. Never having accepted themselves for who they are as a person – but as someone who was programmed to be who they are. Losing self-identity along the way … then as an adult they have a difficult time being in relationships, holding down jobs, and often feel as they are inadequate beings who don’t deserve Love, who don’t deserve Happiness, who don’t deserve to succeed in life. These negative thoughts are manifested from the time the child is very young. Anxiety often stems from an event that happened to the child, or early teen through a parent, a sibling, or a trusted source. A child looks up to adults as their role model, and learns from them, regardless of whether what they are learning is right or wrong. The child will always see it as being right because it was someone they cared about that showed them.


The subconscious mind being the “truthful mind” regardless of whether it is the truth. For instance – if a parent told a child it will never amount to anything in life, the child will believe it because it came from someone they Love and care about. Even though it is not the truth – it becomes the truth in their mind. Children grow up believing what they are told. If you tell a child they have something wrong with them, they will manifest whatever it is they are supposed to have wrong into their lives. What the mind conceives, the body achieves.


The inner child suffers at the hands of its parents, siblings, role models, peers, and acquaintances never knowing what is the real “truth” and what is not the “truth” – they assume everything is the truth because someone they care about, or are close to, told them whatever it is they wanted them to hear as the “truth” even though it was a lie.


How a child is spoken to, is how they will become. If you tell a child he is the most rotten kid I know, he becomes the most rotten kid you know. If you tell your child they are stupid, they will grow up stupid because you told them they will be. The subconscious mind holds everything as the truth if it came from a source of authority that is someone the child looks up to.


Unfortunately most kids end up in trouble because it was instilled in them that how they turn out is how they were told they will be.


Who is to blame here? Is it the child that grows up as a troubled adult, or is the person that raised them to make them “think” they will be a troubled adult never amounting to anything?


Often it is the parents and the parents  parent.. The grandparents instill their ways into their children, and their children are conditioned by them. What they grow up thinking is normal usually is not, and they pass that on down to their own children. It’s a cycle that continues until one of those children that grows into an adult reaches out for help to break the cycle of conditioning, and allows themself to become their own true authentic self.


What a great way to set yourself free, and live a life that was meant to be Happy, Joyous, Nurturing, Loving and Kind.


Letting go allows one to live that life of Happiness, Love, and Joy accompanied by feelings of worthiness. Until that happens, the child remains stuck in its own world of guilt, blame, ridicule, and unworthiness in an adult body and mind.


Let go and Let Live….


If you know someone who is living this life – I would urge you to talk with them about how important they truly are and ask them to seek help.

After all, we were all raised by someone – even though that someone may not have been right, it is believed  they were.


It is my goal in life to help these people find themselves and take back control of their own minds, and lives… allowing them to break free of

the negative cycle that has plagued them through life.


May you all find the peace you seek deep within, accompanied by the understanding that who you are is not the real you – it is the you, you have been told to be.

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Myths & Misconceptions of Hypnosis

Myths & Misconceptions about Hypnosis

MYTH #1: You lose control… 
In fact, because you are in a relaxed state,  your mind is free of that 24 hour a day “chatter”, and you are, therefore, in more control of your thoughts. In fact, you will hear and remember everything that I say. No-one can be made to do anything in Hypnosis (relaxation) if they were not willing to do it before.
MYTH #2: Morals, Beliefs and Values are compromised..
In a relaxed state you can’t be made to do anything against your will. You are in control of your thoughts and actions at all times. If for some reason you don’t feel
the positive suggestions being offered apply to you, you simply dismiss them. Often people will compare Stage Hypnosis with Consulting Clinical Hypnosis – Stage Hypnosis means you are volunteering to act a certain way – if you didn’t want to – it simply would not work. It is a very hyped up energetic state of mind. Consulting Clinical Hypnosis means you are relaxed and feel good while accepting positive reinforcements that help you to overcome your Anxiety, Stress, Addictions, and to help you increase your own self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence, for the highest of good only. Which means that never will you encounter anything negative that would hurt you. God’s will is that all people learn to help themselves to overcome issues created by sin. Sometimes that means reaching out to others for that help, while giving the Glory to God himself. God puts people in our lives to help us overcome negative habits that keep us from being the best we can be. Through God, and the help of a professionally trained Hypnotist anything is possible.

MYTH #3: You Go To Sleep… 

You are awake at all times, just sitting relaxed with your eyes closed. You hear everything that is being said, and remember it if you choose to.

MYTH #4: A Hypnotist can make you do anything… 

A Hypnotist can not make you do anything against your ethics, values, or beliefs.

MYTH #5 You will not come out of trance…

Never ever happens. At most, you will be relaxed, feel energized and refreshed. Most people forget how to relax.

MYTH #6: Women are easier to hypnotize than men… 

The fact is that the sexes are the same in their ability to relax.

MYTH #7: Only mentally weak or sick people can be hypnotize…
In fact, the opposite is true. The capacity to be hypnotized is a statement of relative mental health.
If you have an IQ over 70, you can be hypnotized.
MYTH #8: Symptom removal means a new symptom… 

Any number of troubling symptoms, from skin rash to fear of animals, can be successfully treated with the help of hypnosis without the appearance of a substitute symptom.

Many symptoms are actually psychological fossils: remnants of earlier emotional times that linger on as habits. People’s habits – believe it or not are caused by conditioning – repetitive behavior – which is a form of Hypnosis. If you smoke, you developed a habit through repetition which causes the mind to hold onto that habit.

MYTH #9: Hypnosis is dangerous… 

In fact, there is nothing dangerous about hypnosis.  If there were a danger, we would have to tell ourselves not to slip into any other state of consciousness: not to daydream, not to concentrate deeply, and not to become totally absorbed in things of compelling interest. Even reading a book that you can’t put down is a form of Hypnosis, and that is not dangerous. It just means you have the ability to concentrate.

MYTH #10: The hypnotist must be charismatic, unique or weird… 

On the contrary, a flamboyant or eccentric personality might well disturb the trusting atmosphere that serves to bring out a person’s talent. A Hypnotist is a highly trained individual, often with a background in Psychology.


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Hypnosis for Anxiety

Client Video Testimonial

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Hypnosis for Health

People often ask if Hypnosis will help with every day issues such as:  Stress, Anxiety, Weight loss, Addiction, or just to teach them how to relax.The answer is YES if you want it. The key word is “WANT”. You must want the change in order for the Hypnosis to work. If you are second guessing yourself, then you are not ready for the change. When you make the decision to change what’s bothering you without question, then you are ready.

All change starts with you. Hypnosis allows you to use your own thoughts, and  make positive changes at the subconscious level.

Do you have a difficult time dealing with people in the office that tend to “get under your skin”? Are your kids getting on your nerves?  Hypnosis can help you to take back control over how you choose to react, or not react to those situations.

Instead of reacting in a negative way, you remain calm and relaxed. It’s amazing that the people you couldn’t deal with the other day no longer have a negative impact on your thoughts and how you feel.

Hypnosis is nothing more than a state of relaxation you allow yourself to go into through the guidance of a professional Hypnotist. It’s safe, relaxing, and you are always in control of your own thoughts. As a matter of fact, it’s so safe that there are no negative side affects – only a sense of relaxation and well-being.

In this very busy hectic world we live in that’s full of negativity, it’s no wonder people are stressed out, and feel anxious all the time. The media has a negative effect upon our own well-being whether we realize it or not.  Being around negative people, listening to negative music,  families not getting along, fighting with children, not feeling Loved, and just how we think about ourselves in general can also cause Stress and Anxiety.

Until we learn that we are in control of how we choose to react, either in a negative or positive way – nothing changes. If you choose to react in a negative way it creates hostility and resentment. If you choose to react in a positive way – it becomes peaceful and nurturing to your own mind, body, and Spirit.

How people choose to react is what governs how they will behave toward another.

We create our own stressors in life  by giving importance to things that don’t need it.

The things that don’t require much thought or energy – people give too much thought and energy to. The important things that require more thought and energy, people often dismiss as being important.

The end result is confusion  - the subconscious mind now sees the “little things” as the big things, and the “big things” as no longer important.

Until we learn the difference between good stressors, bad stressors, and what we should or shouldn’t give merit to, we remain in a society of internal/external stress which eventually leads to anxiety.

Learning how to label stress, what’s important, and what is not important is critical to our well-being.

Through Hypnosis you can help to identify which things to safely “put away”, and which ones require some thought, and how you will choose to react or not react to those situations.

Stress is a killer – it causes an abundance of health issues, such as high blood pressure, depression, weight gain, anxiety and many more. Stress can interfere with relationships, self-esteem, self-worth, and how we see ourselves and others in general. Stress,  if  not taken care of, can and will have a negative impact on how you think, feel, and act. Even too much good stress can be bad.

How? Too much good stress can lead to thoughts of grandeur, creating a euphoric high, which is also a false sense of self. This often leads one to do things that are negative, drug abuse, alcohol, lies and deception, and will have a  downward spiraling effect upon the mind, body, and Spirit as well – often leading to depression and manic types of behaviors.

Through the use of Hypnosis, I will teach you self-hypnosis, and positive self-talk that not only will allow you to feel good, but also to allow you to live a quality life, free of the internal stressors that have been holding you back from feeling good.

You can live a good life when you allow yourself to take back control over how you think, feel, and choose to react. Why not give yourself permission to feel good? After all you deserve it. I think you do.

All change starts with you, and your willingness to let go of that which no longer serves your Spirit in a positive way.




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Hypnosis for Golf Improvement



Hypnosis to improve Golf:
• Improve Concentration
• Improve your swing
• Improve your balance
• Focus better
• Instill Confidence
• Learn to tune out distractions
• Find your rhythm
• Motivation to do better
• Stress Less
Why Hypnosis?

With hypnosis you can take back the control of your game. Learn more about the Stress-Less™ program for Golf Improvement.

Receive 25% off with new client sign up

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Hypnosis for weight loss works!

Through the use of Hypnosis, I have successfully lost 56 lbs. so far. I started my weight loss journey in July of 2011 weighing in at 212 lbs. At 5 foot 5 inches, that is pretty heavy. As of today 2/4/2012, I am down 56 lbs., and feel great.

I still have a few more pounds to lose, and will in time. Hypnosis works! You have to want it in order for it to work.

What your mind believes, your body will achieve.

All goals achieved through self visualization, eating healthy, drinking water, and exercising.

Change the way you think, and change your life. You are worth it!


Change the way you think about food, and watch the weight come off

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I Can’t Explain It – But I know you will love it!

 Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state that we all slip into many times a day without really knowing we have.The hypnotist guides the client into this state in a controlled way so that effective natural changes take place at a subconscious level.

I Can’t Explain It

Try Hypnosis - I know you will LOVE it!

When someone comes to me for hypnosis through recommendations of friends, they often tell me that the friend said the above when trying to explain what hypnosis feels like. And it’s true. It’s very hard to explain. I know the sensation that I experience, but to explain it satisfactorily to someone who has never been hypnotized is difficult. It feels good is one thing you can say.The most relaxed I have felt in years is another, but neither of those really tells what it is like. The truth is it’s something that should be experienced by each person. 

Everyone who comes for hypnosis has an issue that they want solved.  That’s what I do, help people with their issues. What I also do is teach people how to get into the hypnotic trance so they can do it themselves There is a phrase that we use in the hypnosis profession and that is, “All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis.”  And maybe that is the most startling bit, to realize you did it yourself. What the hypnotist does is talk and give suggestions; You are the one in control. All hypnosis is definitely self-hypnosis.  Isn’t that amazing? Think of the self-confidence that conveys when you realize that you can do it yourself.

So, remember what it felt like when you were in the trance state? Wasn’t that just the most marvelous feeling?  Even if you are working on something very difficult still – there is that sense of control and deep self-awareness.  But to try to explain it? It’s not really possible. Never the less I do try, because the feeling is so marvelous I want others to feel it too. It is the most rewarding part of what I do.


Sincerely, Linda Plamondon




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Let go of Self-Doubt

“I Just Can’t Do It,” is one of the most common statements that hypnotists hear from people who seek their services. Our world is filled with all kinds of quick fixes for our many complaints and illnesses, many of which involve ingesting something or other. It could be a drug or a vitamin filled candy bar, or some other concoction guaranteed to give you instant results. I have nothing at all against any of the above (except for the ones loaded with caffeine and sugar) but what I’ve found is that most, if not all of them don’t address the cause of whatever complaint a person has.

Our culture has come to depend extremely heavily on external fixes. In a way this is okay since many things can be addressed with something from outside. On the extremely rare occasion when I have a low-grade headache for instance I still take a couple of Tylenol; they work just fine. Or if I feel tired I will drink a lot of water and remember to eat, which I sometimes forget to do. So we do benefit from external solutions. On the other hand perhaps there is a bit too much dependence on looking for an external fix when what’s really needed is internal change.

For instance, if you’re told from a very early age that there’s something wrong with you and this idea is deep in the psyche, how do you suppose that this base information is going to manifest in your everyday life? It could and will come out in all sorts of ways, depending on your personality, skills and talents. But it will certainly be a hindrance in some way. And it’s probably the single most common cause that hypnotists routinely discover.

We don’t however, have magical solutions. What hypnosis does is help the person we’re working with discover their own inner power, their own determination to change the inner dialogue and create a new, more reasonable, inner story. We’re not replacing good solid therapy either. Often both are useful; talk therapy to help a person begin to understand their inner dialogue, and a few hypnosis sessions to make the shifts solid.

Just for a moment think of how you think of yourself. Step back a bit and notice, as if you were another person, who you believe yourself to be. What limitations have you accepted as unchangeable? What abilities do you have that you are ignoring? No one else needs to know what you’re contemplating. Only you know your inner mind. Sometimes these inner reflections could be a bit embarrassing, but – so what! Only you need to know. The next step then is, “Okay, I see it, now what do I do about it, and how do I fix it?” The traditional answer is to seek someone skilled in helping you process this new information. It could be a hypnotist or a therapist or a counselor or simply a friend who you trust. Whomever it is, go ahead. Courage is the key element in change.



Wipe out Negative Self-Talk, and Self-Doubt through the use of Hypnosis.


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