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Hypnosis for Health

People often ask if Hypnosis will help with every day issues such as:  Stress, Anxiety, Weight loss, Addiction, or just to teach them how to relax.The answer is YES if you want it. The key word is “WANT”. You must want the change in order for the Hypnosis to work. If you are second guessing yourself, then you are not ready for the change. When you make the decision to change what’s bothering you without question, then you are ready.

All change starts with you. Hypnosis allows you to use your own thoughts, and  make positive changes at the subconscious level.

Do you have a difficult time dealing with people in the office that tend to “get under your skin”? Are your kids getting on your nerves?  Hypnosis can help you to take back control over how you choose to react, or not react to those situations.

Instead of reacting in a negative way, you remain calm and relaxed. It’s amazing that the people you couldn’t deal with the other day no longer have a negative impact on your thoughts and how you feel.

Hypnosis is nothing more than a deep state of relaxation you allow yourself to go into through the guidance of a professional Hypnotist. It’s safe, relaxing, and you are always in control of your own thoughts. As a matter of fact, it’s so safe that there are no negative side affects – only a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

In this very busy hectic world we live in that’s full of negativity, it’s no wonder people are stressed out, and feel anxious all the time. The media has a negative effect upon our own well-being whether we realize it or not.  Being around negative people, listening to negative music,  families not getting along, fighting with children, not feeling Loved, and just how we think about ourselves in general can also cause Stress and Anxiety.

Until we learn that we are in control of how we choose to react, either in a negative or positive way – nothing changes. If you choose to react in a negative way it creates hostility and resentment. If you choose to react in a positive way – it becomes peaceful and nurturing to your own mind, body, and Spirit.

How people choose to react is what governs how they will behave toward another.

We create our own stressors in life  by giving importance to things that don’t need it.

The things that don’t require much thought or energy – people give too much thought and energy to. The important things that require more thought and energy, people often dismiss as being important.

The end result is confusion  - the subconscious mind now sees the “little things” as the big things, and the “big things” as no longer important.

Until we learn the difference between good stressors, bad stressors, and what we should or shouldn’t give merit to, we remain in a society of internal/external stress which eventually leads to anxiety.

Learning how to label stress, what’s important, and what is not important is critical to our well-being.

Through Hypnosis you can help to identify which things to safely “put away”, and which ones require some thought, and how you will choose to react or not react to those situations.

Stress is a killer – it causes an abundance of health issues, such as high blood pressure, depression, weight gain, anxiety and many more. Stress can interfere with relationships, self-esteem, self-worth, and how we see ourselves and others in general. Stress,  if  not taken care of, can and will have a negative impact on how you think, feel, and act. Even too much good stress can be bad.

How? Too much good stress can lead to thoughts of grandeur, creating a euphoric high, which is also a false sense of self. This often leads one to do things that are negative, drug abuse, alcohol, lies and deception, and will have a  downward spiraling effect upon the mind, body, and Spirit as well – often leading to depression and manic types of behaviors.

Through the use of Hypnosis, I will teach you self-hypnosis, and positive self-talk that not only will allow you to feel good, but also to allow you to live a quality life, free of the internal stressors that have been holding you back from feeling good.

You can live a good life when you allow yourself to take back control over how you think, feel, and choose to react. Why not give yourself permission to feel good? After all you deserve it. I think you do.

All change starts with you, and your willingness to let go of that which no longer serves your Spirit in a positive way.




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Hypnosis for Golf Improvement



Hypnosis to improve Golf:
• Improve Concentration
• Improve your swing
• Improve your balance
• Focus better
• Instill Confidence
• Learn to tune out distractions
• Find your rhythm
• Motivation to do better
• Stress Less
Why Hypnosis?

With hypnosis you can take back the control of your game. Learn more about the Stress-Less™ program for Golf Improvement.

Receive 25% off with new client sign up

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Hypnosis for weight loss works!

Through the use of Hypnosis, I have successfully lost 56 lbs. so far. I started my weight loss journey in July of 2011 weighing in at 212 lbs. At 5 foot 5 inches, that is pretty heavy. As of today 2/4/2012, I am down 56 lbs., and feel great.

I still have a few more pounds to lose, and will in time. Hypnosis works! You have to want it in order for it to work.

What your mind believes, your body will achieve.

All goals achieved through self visualization, eating healthy, drinking water, and exercising.

Change the way you think, and change your life. You are worth it!


Change the way you think about food, and watch the weight come off

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I Can’t Explain It – But I know you will love it!

 Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state that we all slip into many times a day without really knowing we have.The hypnotist guides the client into this state in a controlled way so that effective natural changes take place at a subconscious level.

I Can’t Explain It

Try Hypnosis - I know you will LOVE it!

When someone comes to me for hypnosis through recommendations of friends, they often tell me that the friend said the above when trying to explain what hypnosis feels like. And it’s true. It’s very hard to explain. I know the sensation that I experience, but to explain it satisfactorily to someone who has never been hypnotized is difficult. It feels good is one thing you can say.The most relaxed I have felt in years is another, but neither of those really tells what it is like. The truth is it’s something that should be experienced by each person. 

Everyone who comes for hypnosis has an issue that they want solved.  That’s what I do, help people with their issues. What I also do is teach people how to get into the hypnotic trance so they can do it themselves There is a phrase that we use in the hypnosis profession and that is, “All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis.”  And maybe that is the most startling bit, to realize you did it yourself. What the hypnotist does is talk and give suggestions; You are the one in control. All hypnosis is definitely self-hypnosis.  Isn’t that amazing? Think of the self-confidence that conveys when you realize that you can do it yourself.

So, remember what it felt like when you were in the trance state? Wasn’t that just the most marvelous feeling?  Even if you are working on something very difficult still – there is that sense of control and deep self-awareness.  But to try to explain it? It’s not really possible. Never the less I do try, because the feeling is so marvelous I want others to feel it too. It is the most rewarding part of what I do.


Sincerely, Linda Plamondon




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Let go of Self-Doubt

“I Just Can’t Do It,” is one of the most common statements that hypnotists hear from people who seek their services. Our world is filled with all kinds of quick fixes for our many complaints and illnesses, many of which involve ingesting something or other. It could be a drug or a vitamin filled candy bar, or some other concoction guaranteed to give you instant results. I have nothing at all against any of the above (except for the ones loaded with caffeine and sugar) but what I’ve found is that most, if not all of them don’t address the cause of whatever complaint a person has.

Our culture has come to depend extremely heavily on external fixes. In a way this is okay since many things can be addressed with something from outside. On the extremely rare occasion when I have a low-grade headache for instance I still take a couple of Tylenol; they work just fine. Or if I feel tired I will drink a lot of water and remember to eat, which I sometimes forget to do. So we do benefit from external solutions. On the other hand perhaps there is a bit too much dependence on looking for an external fix when what’s really needed is internal change.

For instance, if you’re told from a very early age that there’s something wrong with you and this idea is deep in the psyche, how do you suppose that this base information is going to manifest in your everyday life? It could and will come out in all sorts of ways, depending on your personality, skills and talents. But it will certainly be a hindrance in some way. And it’s probably the single most common cause that hypnotists routinely discover.

We don’t however, have magical solutions. What hypnosis does is help the person we’re working with discover their own inner power, their own determination to change the inner dialogue and create a new, more reasonable, inner story. We’re not replacing good solid therapy either. Often both are useful; talk therapy to help a person begin to understand their inner dialogue, and a few hypnosis sessions to make the shifts solid.

Just for a moment think of how you think of yourself. Step back a bit and notice, as if you were another person, who you believe yourself to be. What limitations have you accepted as unchangeable? What abilities do you have that you are ignoring? No one else needs to know what you’re contemplating. Only you know your inner mind. Sometimes these inner reflections could be a bit embarrassing, but – so what! Only you need to know. The next step then is, “Okay, I see it, now what do I do about it, and how do I fix it?” The traditional answer is to seek someone skilled in helping you process this new information. It could be a hypnotist or a therapist or a counselor or simply a friend who you trust. Whomever it is, go ahead. Courage is the key element in change.



Wipe out Negative Self-Talk, and Self-Doubt through the use of Hypnosis.


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Stress Reduction and Relaxation


Deep relaxation is a highly specific neurological state of the body. One cannot reach this state merely by sitting or lying down quietly. It requires a specific mental approach. Physiologically, the deep relaxation state amounts to the exact opposite of the fight-or-flight response. It involves demobilization of the sympathetic nervous system and a complementary mobilization of the parasympathetic nervous system. In the deep relaxation condition, one feels physically relaxed, somewhat detached from his immediate environment, and usually to some extent even detached from body sensations. It involves a feeling of voluntary and comfortable abandonment of one’s conscious control over major body functions. This abandonment requires a distinctly passive attitude in which one simply turns over control of his body to its own built-in “autopilot”.

Through hypnosis, I will teach you the skill of deep relaxation, which is so important for stress reduction, stress management, and overall health and well-being.

Relax and melt away STRESS.

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Stress Management

Stress is any condition that requires behavioral adjustment. The natural, involuntary response of the body under stress is for the sympathetic (automatic) nervous system to secrete adrenaline and noradrenaline, which increase blood pressure, heart rate, and metabolism. Chronic stress over long periods of time caused by the demands of modern-day living can lead from temporary elevations in blood pressure to a more permanent state of hypertension. This hypertension makes one more likely to suffer from hardening of the arteries, heart attack, and stroke, which are responsible for over 50% of deaths in the United States.

The demands of everyday life can create the kind of chronic stress that can have a devastating effect on your health. If you feel taxed to the limit, and pressures are wearing you down physically or mentally, hypnosis and relaxation can help. With hypnosis you will also learn health-preserving techniques for stress-management and relaxation



Learn the skills you need to eliminate the negative effects of stress.

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Lose weight and keep it off!

Many people have tried multiple diets and exercise programs to lose weight without success.

Repeated failure creates a negative spiral of belief that reaching weight loss goals is nearly impossible. Hypnosis can help you to reach your weight loss goals and to maintain a healthy weight.

Stop saying “I’ll start tomorrow” and do something about it today.

Your beliefs and values surrounding food, and eating, factors when it comes to weight control.

Have you ever thought any of the following?

I’ll start the diet tomorrow.

Food is a reward.

I deserve to eat this right now.

I eat because I’m bored.

Food equals love.

More is better.

Leaving food on the plate is wasteful.

Exercise is boring.

I don’t have time to eat properly.

I use hypnosis to change the subconscious programming that caused the condition of being overweight. You will also learn techniques of self-hypnosis so that you can continue to reinforce continued success for the rest of your life. Lose weight the easy way, no special foods, no pills, and it’s all natural, simply by changing the way you think about food. Losing weight has never been so easy.



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Quit Smoking – No butts about it!

Hypnosis is so much more successful for smoking cessation than nicotine replacements like gum or the patch, and the drugs that block nicotine receptors – because of the fact that nicotine addiction accounts for a small part of the habit for most smokers. What most clients tell me is that “smoking is just something to do.”

It’s this mental habit that makes stopping smoking challenging for most smokers. In fact, the nicotine is gone from your system within 48 hours after you stop smoking. By the end of your first week without cigarettes, the physical withdrawal symptoms disappear.

A session lasts about one and one half hours. I answer any questions about hypnosis, talk about the problem, and then spend about an hour in hypnosis. In that state I give suggestions to the sub-conscious mind verbally and using imagery to the resolve the conflict between the thought that says “I really need to stop smoking” and the thought that says “I’ll quit tomorrow.”

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, but hypnosis can really help you beat the smoking habit if you have a sincere desire to quit. If you’re at the point of saying: “I want to stop smoking, but I know I need some help,” please contact me for a consultation, and let me help you to take control of your health.


Smoking is a habit. All habits can be broken with Hypnosis

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The hypnosis on stress has done me good. I used to try and solve everyone's problems. Now I just listen and nothing bothers me like it did. The weight one is starting to work. I have lost some inches and lost 1½ lbs. For me, that is good. Thank you!

Peg Blum

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